To my dear patients,

I'm sorry for the delay. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, I have been unsuccessful at opening a clinic in Southern CA. I am sincerely sorry to all my patients who, like myself, expected my office to be up and running this month. I feel this loss deeply.

During this work upheaval, there was also a family situation that helped me to realize that I need to be nearer to them. So I am moving back to the small town in which I was raised to be near my family and try to provide for the good people of that town who are still underserved medically. I leave my family of patients in California regretfully.

My email and my personal phone number will not change. I will continue to refill medications for three months so there will be no interruption in your prescriptions.

I have been honored to be your physician and I wish you the best health and good fortune. Should you wish to continue to follow up with me remotely, I will be offering phone appointments and a concierge service. Please check in with my web site next week for details.

The doctors I would recommend locally are:

To your health and wellness,
Deanna Windham, D. O.